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The IDAHO ARMY NATIONAL GUARD is the largest component of the Idaho National Guard, consisting of nearly 3,000 soldiers who train in more than 20 Idaho communities. The Idaho National Guard MAINTAINS COMBAT READINESS TO FIGHT AND WIN OUR NATION’S WARS, DEVELOPS AND STRENGTHENS HOMELAND SECURITY AND EMERGENCY RESPONSE, and BUILDS AND FOSTERS PARTNERSHIPS THROUGHOUT IDAHO, THE NATION, AND AROUND THE WORLD. With its unique dual responsibility to the state and nation, the Idaho National Guard answers to two executives: the governor of the State of Idaho, and when federalized, the president of the United States.

The mission of the Idaho Army National Guard is to protect, preserve and defend the lives, property and individual liberties of the citizens of Idaho and the United States, and to support and defend the constitutions of the State of Idaho and the United States of America and the democratic traditions and institutions they embody.

116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team

116th Brigade Engineer Battalion

1-148th Field Artillery Battalion

145th Brigade Support Battalion

2-116th Combined Arms Battalion

1-163rd Combined Arms Battalion (Montana)

1-221st Armored Reconnaissance Squadron (Nevada)

3-116th Combined Arms Battalion (Oregon) 

1-183rd Aviation Battalion

Detachment 35 (C12)

Air Ambulance Detachment (Lakota)

Det 2, C Company, 1-168th GSAB (Medevac)

1-204th RTI (AR)

2-204th RTI (MOD)

Regional Training Site-Maintenance Ordinance Training Battalion (RTS-M)

Installation Support Unit/Orchard Combat Training Center

Recruiting and Retention

25th Army Band

Joint Force Headquarters

Medical Detachment

Education Services Office:


Family Programs:


Mental Health:


Chaplain Services:


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Our Leaders

BG Schwartz is the ASSISTANT ADJUTANT GENERAL - ARMY/COMMANDER, IDAHO ARMY NATIONAL GUARD. He is responsible for the strength, training, readiness and management of all Army National Guard units in Idaho.



Colonel Thomas R. Rasmussen is the Chief of Staff, Idaho Army National Guard. He serves as the principal advisor to the Adjutant General and/or Assistant Adjutant on a broad range of matters concerning the United States Army and Army National Guard. Colonel Rasmussen is the Chief Executive Officer responsible for the diversified function including Logistics, Information Systems, Manpower and Personnel, Public Affairs, Recruiting and Retention, medical and State emergency responses.


Command Sergeant Major White represents and advises the Assistant Adjutant General of the Idaho Army National Guard on matters pertaining to Army National Guard policies and actions that affect enlisted Soldiers of the Army National Guard through meetings, conferences, information exchanges and on-site observation, coordinates with the Sergeant Major of the Army and Command Sergeants Major of the Idaho Army National Guard and Major Army Command formations; reviews and inspects field training, inactive duty training, overseas deployments and Noncommissioned Officer Leadership schools on behalf of the Assistant Adjutant General.





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