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The Idaho National Guard is a major component of the Idaho Military Division. The Idaho National Guard MAINTAINS COMBAT READINESS TO FIGHT AND WIN OUR NATION’S WARS, DEVELOPS AND STRENGTHENS HOMELAND SECURITY AND EMERGENCY RESPONSE, and BUILDS AND FOSTERS PARTNERSHIPS THROUGHOUT IDAHO, THE NATION, AND AROUND THE WORLD. With its unique dual responsibility to the state and nation, the Idaho National Guard answers to two executives: the governor of the State of Idaho, and when federalized, the president of the United States.







Idaho Army National Guard               

The mission of the Idaho National Guard is to protect, preserve and defend the lives, property and individual liberties of the citizens of Idaho and the United States, and to support and defend the constitutions of the State of Idaho and the United States of America and the democratic traditions and institutions they embody.

Our leadership consists of the Adjutant General, Brigadier General Michael J. Garshak, and the State Enlisted Leader, Command Chief Master Sergeant Harold J. Bongiovi. <READ MORE

A brief history of Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho captures a wide array of events that is both essential to the military and the Treasure Valley community. <READ MORE

The State Partnership Program has been successfully building relationships for over 20 years. The Idaho National Guard has a State Partnership Program with the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces. <READ MORE

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